New carbides grade concept

Our new carbide grade concept comprises a comprehensive review of the physical parameters of our grades. The flexural strength of today’s types of carbides is generally much higher than in the past (see new and previous table).

The hardness of the following types have also changed:

RX8UF, RX12UF, RCR17 , RCR30 and RCS12

Additionally, we have included three new types for the forming technology RM40, RM50, RB50 and a new type of ultra-hard carbide RX3UF in our range. A few types of carbides are marked with a * at the

end to show that these will be available in the future upon special enquiry, and that therefore the delivery times may be longer. Only very few types of carbides have changed their names:

  • RM16 > RM17
  • RB10 > RB20
  • RB15-H > RB30
  • RB20-H > RB44
  • RCN > RCF16

Should you have questions, please contact our application technology department or our metallurgy department. Keep putting your trust into highest Quality:

Swiss Premium Power Carbide – made by Hartmetall-Estech AG.