We speak your language. Because we know your objectives.

Our knowledge that successful selling is only possible with competent client-focussed advice is as old as our entire company. We do not subscribe to aggressive sales. On the contrary, we regard the expertise of our sales consultants very highly and facilitate them constantly. We like combining our clients’ expertise with our own. Because this creates innovative solutions that are beneficial to everyone. Partnership is not only a value for us, it is a lived philosophy.

We speak your language not only to advise you as our partner, but we also communicate in your mother tongue. And you will always have the same contact partner for your questions. Our sales consultants are looking forward to offering competent advice and are waiting for your call.

Contact partner sales

Manfred Sackermann

Managing Director

Josef Reiterer

Global Sales of Key Accounts

Mäggie Fries

Assistance Managing Director / Head of Sales
Back-Office Sales Keys

Davide Caldaci

Head of Back-Office Sales

Field Sales

Heinz Bernhard Rumswinkel

Product Manager
Sales North-Rhine Westphalia

Siegfried Schmälzle

Sales Southern Germany
(Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria)

Patrick Sackermann

Sales Bavaria

Kersten Schäfer

Sales Northern / Central Germany, Belgium, Denmark

Christian Kümmel

Sales Saarland, Rhineland Palatinate

Emmanuel Barbier

Sales Western Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, USA

Back-Office Sales

Monika Enz

Back-Office Sales
Southern Germany

Margrith Müller

Back-Office Sales
Northern Germany / Saarland / German-speaking Switzerland / Austria

Patrizia Gregorio

Back-Office Sales
Italy / Ticino

Agnit Destani

Back-Office Sales
Export Other

Emira Sylejmani

Back-Office Sales
Export Other

Marlise Schrader

Back-Office Sales


Dr. Stephanie Wagner

Head of Technology / Metallurgy / R & D / PQM

Technology and Buying

Volker Willing

Head of Production
Buying / Raw Materials / RTP

Herbert Rauh

Head of Work Scheduling

Roger Willi

Subsuppliers / Work Scheduling

Simon Rothenfluh

Work Scheduling

Kathrin Giger

Work Scheduling / Buying