We provide cemented carbides in their best forms

According to your requirements

The manufacturing of carbides is a specialist branch of powder metallurgy. Work pieces made from carbides are not manufactured by means of founding but instead by means of pressing and sintering. The best known raw materials of carbides are WC, Co, Ni, TiC, TaC, NbC etc. Admittedly: This is a very simplified explanation of our highly complicated manufacturing process. We are happy to provide more details in a personal meeting. Thank you for your interest.

Our forte is exactness. We do not accept tolerances.

Our speciality is the production of special forms and shapes. Globally, satisfied customers value our 75 years of experience and our performance in the production of custom-made products. Our modern machinery, efficient production methods and a well-coordinated team of highly specialised staff enable us to be very flexible and offer a nearly unlimited variety of forms and an absolute dimensional accuracy.