Hartmetall Estech AG - sustainably internationally successful

Hartmetall Estech AG shows a growth in 2017 again! Sales and incoming orders have experienced a double-digit growth and the profit situation developed positively. Thanks to the commissioning of a new sintering HIP furnace and new CNC milling turning centres, capacities have been increased and delivery times were reduced.
Hartmetall Estech AG, an Estech Group company, continues to focus on sustainability and quality in growth and is active in more than 30 countries. Its subsidiary, Hartmetall Estech Italia, is just as successful and on the upswing.
Our product portfolio has been expanded. We offer more direct pressing parts for the production of inserts in high-precision blank quality. You also get rods with twisted cooling channels in standard and custom production. Highlights remain nickel-bonded carbide blanks, which we supply e.g. for the food industry, medical technology and petrochemicals with FDE certificate. Under the motto:

we always assure you innovation with our carbide varieties.

Hartmetall Estech AG also supplies RTP blends (granules ready-to-press) in all common grades for the production of direct pressed parts such as turning plates. As one of the few independent carbide manufacturers, we offer you an alternative to carbide companies. Ask us, we are happy to make you an offer for RTP blends.
The continuing price increases for tungsten carbide and cobalt could no longer be absorbed by the steel and carbide industries by means of internal optimisation. Commodities traded on the stock market became significantly more expensive in the third quarter of 2017 - the cobalt price even doubled. Although we have tried to keep prices stable for a long time, this has forced us to adjust our prices. Our customers were informed in writing in the fourth quarter of 2017.
Our target groups are: Automotive and supply industry, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering, tool and mould making, electrical industry and medical technology. In particular, we are following the paradigm shift that is taking place due to the substitution of internal combustion engine/electric motor. Again, we have suitable varieties in our extensive programme that will meet every new application. As a systems supplier for complex carbide parts, we have made a name for ourselves among globally leading companies. Our product managers work close to the customer. Together with your research and development departments, we optimise your production with carbide varieties from Hartmetall Estech AG. Ask us - our metallurgists, application technicians and sales engineers are there for you!
We thank all customers with whom we had the opportunity to work together in 2017. In order to deliver the usual top quality to you, we will continue to make every effort: technologically up-to-date to be a pioneer in new applications. Innovation and tradition are not a contradiction in our house, but a promise to you:

We are looking forward to an exciting year 2018 together with you.

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